EYEdentity Concierge Service

You have likely never encountered eyeglass services quite like this before. We offer a customer-focused convenience that enables prop masters, costume designers, wardrobe stylists, makeup artists, and general crew to receive their eyewear on-site. The finished eyeglasses are delivered to the chosen location by a state-licensed optician, who will make necessary adjustments and respond to any questions.

Concierge Optical Service

Optical Lenses

Single Vision
Corrects either near-sightedness or far-sightedness

Corrects far, intermediate and near vision

Clear lenses have become a popular stylish accessory that offers various protective treatments

Turnaround Time

  • Non prescription AR Coated Lenses- 24-48 hrs
  • AR Coated Tinted (Grey or Brown) Lenses- 24-48 hrs
  • Custom Tinted AR CoatedLenses- 4-7 business days
  • Prescription (Rx) Lenses- 7 business days

Same Day Service Is Available!

Lens Materials & Treatments

  • Plastic, Polycarbonate, Trivex, and Hi-Index
  • Anti-Reflective Coating
  • Blue Light Protection
  • Transitions Light Intelligent Lenses
  • Polarized Sun Lenses
  • Custom Tinting Options in Various Colors
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Experienced Contact Lens Technicians

We are experts in eyewear, AR lenses, and contact lens tech services for the TV and Film industry. We use custom lenses and frames while collaborating closely with prop masters, make-up artists, and costume or wardrobe designers to develop a character's eyedentity from script to screen.

To keep actors safe and comfortable throughout the production, our certified lens technicians may educate production staff regarding correct care and acceptable contact lens wearing times.

Get in touch to explore the Timeless EYEdentity TV and film collection.

EYEdentity Services

Custom Eyewear/EYEdentity

Timeless EYEdentity separates itself from other optical and props providers by concentrating on providing character development through sourcing acumen, high quality vintage, modern, custom and bespoke eyewear for audiences of all ages.

Spectacle Lenses

Timeless EYEdentity delivers cutting-edge digital lens solutions that provide optimal vision, clarity and protection regardless of visual needs.

We provide Anti-Reflective coated single vision, computer and progressive lenses, all of which can be customized with various tint options to establish the intended look.

Contact Lens Tech

Production relies on our lens techs to handle the insertion and removal of the contact lenses to ensure actors are safe and comfortable throughout the production.

Our licensed lens technicians will educate production staff on proper care and acceptable contact lens wearing times.

We are also a supplier of SPFX contact lenses that can be produced with or without a prescription to establish the look of the character.

Rent Your EYEdentity

Your order will get completed once we have set up all your paperwork. Our props and eyewear are rented every week, and 15% of the value of the eyeglasses is deducted from the rental rates.

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Minor Adjustments and Repairs

Timeless Eyedentity

Minor repairs and alterations may involve changing screws, nose pads, or frames to maintain the eyewear's comfort and functionality. Repairing broken frames or replacing or reattaching a broken frame component are examples of major repairs.

How does Concierge Service Work?

Our concierge optical services are the most convenient approach to getting your Eyedentity. A licensed optician will pick up and deliver your eyewear or make adjustment at the location of your choice as part of the concierge service, where they will then expertly dispense and/or repair the eyewear.

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